Implementation of Interactive Dashboards for Stroke Rehabilitation at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU)

The increasing significance of digitalisation holds great potential not only for industry but also for other domains such as healthcare. One of the most promising trends in this direction is the personalisation of therapy, care and medication based on data-driven virtual representations of the patients - called Human Digital Twins (HDTs). As part of the EU Horizon 2020 ReHyb-project, we develop a novel stroke rehabilitation system based on exoskeletons and serious games. In this process, the development of a patient HDT serves as an important connection between patient data measured through sensors and corresponding user interfaces.

The goal of this specific project is to implement and evaluate interactive dashboards for the different user groups associated with stroke rehabilitation. Therefore, the project would be optimal for a master’s student with background in software or UI-frontend development. You would work closely together with another student focussing on the design of the interfaces as well as with the target user groups - that is patients, their family members (or other third-party stakeholders) and therapists.
Possible research questions for this project could be:

  • How can the dashboards' design prototypes be implemented to obtain fully-functional dashboards?
  • How could patient avatars and virtual assistants be integrated to improve the dashboards' intuitiveness and increase the patient’s motivation?
  • How could the dashboards be connected to a MongoDB database to visualise patient data in an understandable and meaningful w?
  • How could the resulting user interfaces be evaluated regarding the user experience? 
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