Mobile Application Development in a Drone Startup at NAUST Robotics ApS

Posted 1 week ago

About this project

In order to control and communicate with the platform, we are developing an easy to use, multiplatform mobile application. This way farmers can plan routes and check field data from anywhere. We already have a basic application implemented in react native, which could be extended and improved. Possible tasks for the project can include:

  • Realize communication between the platform and the phone through internet
  • Improve user interface design of the phone application
  • Implement path planning between waypoints (coverage path planning)
  • Investigate and implement methods to show analyzed data (Images/videos)
  • Investigate and implement options for multiple users
  • Create secure log-in
  • Customize application based on user ID
  • Build database to store user data in order to customize the application

Besides these tasks, we are open for other project proposals!

What we are looking for?

We are looking for a talented student who can assist us in the above described application development. Ideally you:

  • are passionate about technology (...duh, you are a developer)
  • like to get things done (...who does not?)
  • can work independently (...we all need to grow up at some point)
  • speak English (...if you are reading this without google translate, you will be fine)
  • are creative and have an open mindset (...startups are built on ideas afterall)
  • have experience in software development (JavaScript and C++ is a plus)
  • have some basic database knowledge (SQL)

What you get out of it?

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT WE ARE NOT IN THE SITUATION TO PAY FOR THE INTERNSHIP/PROJECT AND WE CAN NOT PROMISE TO HIRE ANYONE AFTER. If you are still reading after this demotivating sentence, lets see what you can get out of this: Working in an entrepreneurial environment like ours can be a huge improvement both on technical and personal aspects, since most of the work done will be used in our final product. This can be a unique reference point later in your career. You also get to be part of a fun, international group who beside taking their work seriously, regularly organize after-work-activities. Free coffee!

If you want to learn more about our company, do not hesitate to check out our website ( or contact us (!

We hope to hear from you! :)

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